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Buyer’s Remorse – The Highs and Lows of Buying Property

Buy a home without regrets

We all know the experience of buying something only to get home and start to have second thoughts about it. Thankfully, if it’s a pair of shoes or new jeans, returning them is pretty straightforward, but what if you start to have second thoughts about the property you’ve bought?

When you sign a contract to buy a property, it’s perfectly normal to have some feelings of concern around whether you’ve made the right choice. Like nerves on your wedding day, buyers’ remorse can be a normal feeling. And, while it’s not as simple as swapping your house for store credit, there are some practical steps you can take to navigate these feelings.


Stop looking around

We know that when you’re buying a property, it’s easy to spend hours a day looking at different real estate websites. You’ve probably seen hundreds of different places online in the process of making a shortlist and a final decision. But that part of the search is over now. Give yourself a break from thinking about what else might be out there and focus on what you have.

It might be easy to start thinking that other properties look better online, but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Take the real estate apps off your phone, give yourself a break and you’ll be able to reduce the thoughts you’re having about what could have been.


Focus on the positives

The good news is that your new home has a lot of great features. It’s important to remember that you bought this place for a reason, and it helps to spend time reminding yourself of all the things you liked about your home in the first place.

It takes time to settle into a space, so instead of looking out into the real estate market, change your focus to the home you have. Settle in and try to notice all the benefits of owning this new home.


Make some memories

It’s more than a house, it’s a home. In the early stages of owning a new home, you may feel dissatisfied, and part of this reason is that it’s a new space. Moving into a new house can be a strange and emotionally difficult experience sometimes.

But in the end, memories are what make a home, so invest some time into the activities of life in your new place. Have a housewarming party, invite your family around – the more time you spend in your new house the easier it will be to feel at home.


Nothing is forever

Finally, don’t let yourself get carried away with feelings of regret because you can always move again. Of course, the ideal outcome is to the choose the house you love and enjoy living there. But in the worst-case scenario, you can always sell and buy again. That doesn’t mean you should pack up as soon as you feel a pang of regret, but it’s a good reminder that you’re not trapped in your decision.

You’re free to enjoy it now and you’re free to move again one day. Keep things in perspective and enjoy your new home for what it is.

We know that every buying journey has its own highs and lows, we see our clients go through them every day. But rest assured you’re making a great move, and we’re always here to help. If you’re looking for some help in making your house a home, visit Property Helper today. With a range of services from different providers, Property Helper can help you set up your new home with broadband, utilities and more. Visit Property Helper today.

This article is provided for general information purposes only. Its content is current at the date of publication. It is not legal advice and is not tailored to meet your individual needs. You should obtain specialist advice based on your specific circumstances before taking any action concerning the matters discussed in this article.

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