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Queensland FAQ – Buyer (May 2016)

1. Does a Queensland Contract need to be reviewed before signing? The standard purchase and sale of a residential Property in Queensland will usually be evidenced by a standard Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Contract or its equivalents. Whilst these sort...

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A Guide to Buying Property in Victoria

As a new lawyer it was often my own assumptions about what others understood that would catch me out. Overtime I began to take notice of these assumptions and more carefully articulate them and their importance to my clients in order for them to appreciate the...

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What Is The Difference Between A Lawyer And Conveyancer

So you’ve decided to sell or buy a property. You need someone who can represent you in the preparation of all documentation necessary to settle the Property. If you’re buying, you may also need someone to review the Contract of Sale that comes with a property...

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Why Signing an Unconditional Contract is Risky

The Australian property market can be quite competitive, especially in booming areas. When stock is low in the midst of high demand, buyers may become increasingly willing to make compromises to get their dream home.One thing buyers can be tempted to turn to is an...

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Settlement Delays: Know Your Rights

When you’ve found what you’ve been looking for in a home or investment property, you can’t wait to make it officially yours. After the time and effort of getting finance and processing the transaction, the exciting time arrives to settle. But what happens when the...

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