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Conveyancer Brisbane

We help Brisbane property buyers and sellers with start-to-settlement conveyancing. We’ll protect you without compromise and maximise your savings.

Conveyancer Brisbane

We help Brisbane property buyers and sellers with start-to-settlement conveyancing. We’ll protect you without compromise and maximise your savings.

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Property Lawyers Brisbane And Conveyancing Solicitors

We’re a conveyancing law firm with the experience of over 4863+ successful settlements. And we’ve been servicing Brisbane and the Queensland region for the past 6-years.

Our service is online and easy to use. So relax. We practice ONLY in conveyancing, so have streamlined our processes. This means you can enjoy quality hassle-free conveyancing at affordable rates.

Here’s what we offer…

Done For You Conveyancing

Unfamiliar with the conveyancing process and need guidance? Let our team make it easy and do the tedious legal work for you.

STEP 1. We’ll make sure all your legal forms are correctly filled out. The sooner this is done, the smoother your transaction.

STEP 2. Next, we order your searches from authorities like the government, council or water utilities. This shows the ‘invisible’ details like title particulars and if the land tax is owed. We’ll also do all the adjustment calculations so you don’t have to.

STEP 3.Your File Owner will liaise with 3rd parties like the other sides solicitor, bank and other authorities to bring you to settlement.

When all the groundwork is done, we’ll attend settlement to allow the change of ownership and release of funds.

BUYERS Pre-Purchase Review

If you are at all uncertain about your contract, contact us for a review.

A one on one contract review allows a better understanding of the terms you are agreeing to, as well as what is reasonable to negotiate. And unless you read contracts often, you will not be aware of what needs to be removed, amended or added to make the contract fair. You will also not know what has been mistakenly or deliberately omitted. This is one of the most valuable reasons why we always recommend a review.

What happens in a review? Our in-house Brisbane lawyer will review your contract line by line. When ready our concierge will book you in for a 30 to 40-minute call with the lawyer. We highly suggest that you let her know your needs via email BEFORE the call begins. Why? Our advice is NOT the generic advice like some firms provide; Our advice is specific and tailored to your specific situation. She will make you aware of worrying areas and sections that in her experience need extra attention.

At the end of the review, the lawyer will email you with written advice and next steps regarding your contract. This includes the specific wording and suggested changes to the contract to help you frame your needs. Remember, before you sign is when you have the most power to NEGOTIATE and rebalance the often single-sided contract.

SELLERS Contract of Sale Drafting

Need a contract drafted? We provide the BEST PRACTICE drafting to hold and bind buyers fairly according to Queensland law. Our contracts go beyond the standard REIQ.

We’ve made slight changes to boost your protection. This is critical as the way clauses are drafted significantly determine their effectiveness. The clauses have been prepared by our Executive Legal Team to allow the maximum protection within the confines of Queensland Law.

Our contracts are not the standard ‘cookie cutter’ contracts. We take the time to understand your situation so our contracts are tailored to you. So let the Lawyer know your unique needs – like settlement dates, special conditions and requirements – so we can draft a contract to make these possible.


We take our professional obligation to protect you seriously. Here are some of the ways we protect you in your transaction.

Our Fixed Price Brisbane Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

Surprise out of pocket costs at settlement is NOT acceptable. This is why we provide a FIXED professional fee.

Even if our lawyers and conveyancers need to spend hours fulfilling your standard conveyance (which needs to happen sometimes) our professional fee will always be the same.

Remember, some firms charge by the hour for their lawyers. But our fee includes the time our lawyer, file owner and concierge. That means you’ll get the best quality, best service and the best price.

Minimum Searches For Maximum Protection

We don’t waste your money. That means we only order the MINIMUM searches that allow us our confidence that you are fully protected. These searches provide the information we need to do the ‘due diligence’ and protect your transaction.

Our Legal Executive Team meets on a quarterly basis to review court decisions to determine what is an absolute must. We buy searches at cost and don’t make any money on them.

While more searches mean more work for us, it’s the only way our lawyers and conveyancers can ensure a quality and safe transaction.

We Never Compromise On Client Protection Or Quality

While we order the minimum, we never skimp. And we will never compromise your safety.

Others may use outdated certificates or not order searches at all, We always request the most up-to-date certificates available (backed with insurance) to make sure we have the information we need to advise you best.

Ordering the right amount of searches is a delicate balance informed by through our experience and practice of minimising our customer’s risk. An obligation we take extremely seriously.

As our CEO says, “We order the same searches we’d order if it were my mother!”

7-day Extended Hours Customer Care

We are the only law firm that provides MON-THU 8 AM to 9 PM and FRI-SUN 8 AM to 8 PM

So that means if you want to know more about the process, you will always be taken care of.

We introduced these hours in response to a survey which cited, peoples number one complaint is that they could not get in touch with their conveyancer. This won’t happen to us!

More About Brisbane

Conveyancing.com.au Brisbane is here to help you reduce the hassle of property transfers. We are a leading member of the Conveyancer Brisbane network and we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are alert and aware of each step of the system. When it comes to transferring property, our Brisbane team can make this incredibly intricate and tiresome process a little bit smoother. Whether this is your first investment, or you’re growing your investment portfolio, think of our Brisbane team. Call, email or leave a message on our website today. We’ll be happy to assign a lawyer, File Owner and Concierge to bring to you to an on-time hassle-free settlement.

Why invest in Brisbane?

Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities which is good signs for any investor. Conveyancing.com.au Brisbane is here to help you take advantage of the growing population and soaring employment. Queensland’s biggest city demographics indicate a young, professional workforce is looking to rent, so you take capitalise in a competitive rental market and fewer periods of empty tenancy. The Brisbane economy drives Queensland. Whether you want to invest in a CBD apartment, inner-city house or suburban castle, the team is here to help. We’ll always be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

What we offer:

VALUE – Our expertly trained, experienced lawyers are dedicated to delivering awesome, customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to ensuring buyers and sellers are comfortable, prepared and happy with every transfer of property. All our Brisbane Conveyancing deals deliver value, skill and service to you! For other options, contact Conveyancing.com.au Melbourne.

SIMPLICITY – IF you are selling, or buying property, our team will interact with each of the parties engaged with the property transaction. Our team will submit, organise and manage all of your legal documents for you and provide the legal advice you need. For your convenience, we also prepare and review contracts for you. We always take care to look after your interests are ensuring your expectations are met on each and every deal.

PASSION – No Conveyancer Brisbane wide is as dedicated to our customers as Conveyancing.com.au. We are committed to our work and there’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing people get through the property investment process unscathed.

Our philosophy is to bring the skill, attention and experience of a big city law firm, without the extreme legal costs. The Brisbane team is always available to you. You can contact us 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We can do this because of our innovative instant messaging, online communication and reception service. All you need to do is send us an enquiry and we’ll be in contact you. Using our new processes will minimise our turnaround times. You’ll never have to wait, wondering what your lawyer is up to. Our Brisbane conveyancer is always working to relay information to you. The team leads the market in reducing wait times. We promise that you’ll be surprised by our efficiency and impressed by our effectiveness. We’re a law firm that practices only in property conveyancing so we’ve streamlined our processes for the highest quality.

We execute the majority of our Conveyancing Brisbane services over the internet, as an online business, we reduce the associated costs of keeping our customers in the loop 24/7. We know that other firms look to push up the price of their bill using every loophole possible. Our team is committed to providing excellent service, and building long-lasting, effective client partnerships. With hundreds of happy clients, we’re proud to be a leading firm. The team understands how infuriating the nature of property can be. Maneuvering the legal framework can lead many people to tear their hair out! We can help you sail the turbulent seas of the Brisbane investment market and help you reduce your overheads on investments. Simple, we take the anxiety out of everything and get you started on building your investment empire!

We understand that our clients want to know they are being taken care of by an honest, transparent firm. Conveyancing.com.au Brisbane is recognised and accredited by The Queensland Law Society. We have the experience, expertise and qualifications required to deliver you easy, fruitful results. Fixed Fee Pricing From $456 Best Price Guarantee. No-cost FREE quote from Brisbane’s cheapest conveyancers. Get on-time settlements without compromising on your protection.

It’s easy!

Do you want to take advantage of the growing Queensland market? There are truly incredible opportunities available now in the Brisbane Property Market. To take advantage of what this truly incredible city has to offer, you need the Brisbane team! With growing culture, sports, infrastructure and public transport, there’s no better place to invest than Brisbane. Our Brisbane team is the effective, skilled and trustworthy group to take you to the next level. Get in touch with us now. For a free quote for your life-changing investment, contact us now!


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We’re located at level 17/288 Edward St. Brisbane City.

Why? CBD is where 99% of settlements occur. So if there is any issue, we’ll simply send a Lawyer on a 2-minute walk to the bank or settlement location to sort it out.
Can any other conveyancer do that?

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level 17/288 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
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