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Conveyancer Sunshine Coast

We help Sunshine Coast property buyers and sellers with start-to-settlement conveyancing. We’ll protect you without compromise and maximise your savings. Nominate us to get…

Conveyancer Sunshine Coast

We help Sunshine Coast property buyers and sellers with start-to-settlement conveyancing. We’ll protect you without compromise and maximise your savings. Nominate us to get…

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Property Lawyers Sunshine Coast And Conveyancing Solicitors

Our office is based in Sunshine Coast. And with 4863+ settlements to our name, we have the jurisdictional know how to allow a hassle-free settlement in Sunshine Coast and the Greater Queensland region. As a LAW firm that practices only in conveyancing, we’ve made the process easy and streamlined for you. That means affordable rates with the best workmanship and quality in Sunshine Coast.
We’ve made the process simple, so you can relax and stay at home. Our conveyancing service can be done 100% via phone and email. Let us do all the legwork so you can enjoy your weekend.
Looking for a quote? As the costs for conveyancing is determined by the individual lot, property type and city council, please contact us so we can provide a tailored quote for your property situation. We commit to TRANSPARENT and detailed quotes. Call us today for a same day no obligation quote.
Here is how we can help you…

Done For You Conveyancing

We do start to settlement conveyancing. We’ll assign you a local Sunshine Coast conveyancer to look after your case. She will complete administrative paperwork on your behalf, order searches and perform ‘due diligence’ and liaise with all 3rd parties. When the ground work is completed, we’ll attend settlement to make the change of ownership official.

BUYERS Pre-Purchase Review

Not sure about the contract? Have our lawyer review it page by page. She’ll then give you a 30 to 40-minute call to outline what you should be aware of. Make sure to let her know your needs beforehand so she can give you tailored legal advice to suit your situation. At the end of the review, the lawyer will email written advice. This includes the suggested changes to the contract and specific wording for clauses to help you frame your needs.Take note, before you sign is when you have the most leverage to NEGOTIATE and rebalance the often single-sided contract.

SELLERS Contract of Sale Drafting

We can draft a Contract of Sale that will protect you while binding and holding your buyer fairly according to Queensland law. It will minimise your fees, and direct the sale to give you the settlement you want, when you want it.

Our Fixed Price Sunshine Coast Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

Our fee includes the lawyer, the file owner and the concierge. Remember that other firms charge by the hour. If your’s is a standard conveyance – 99% of them are – then expect to pay a fixed fee. This means the best service, the best quality and the best price available.

Minimum Searches For Maximum Protection

We don’t want to waste your money, so we order the MINIMUM number of searches for our Executive Legal Team needs to feel confident you’re fully protected. Our Executive Legal Team meet quarterly to review court decisions to decide the minimum number of searches you need.

We Never Compromise On Client Protection Or Quality

While we buy the minim number of searches, we don’t make any money on them. And while reviewing more searches means more work for our team, it’s needed to ensure a quality and safe transaction. While other firms may use out-of-date certificates, we always order recent searches backed with insurance.

7-day Extended Hours Customer Care

One of the biggest complaints made by customers on an industry-wide survey is the poor response times of their conveyancer.

In response, we provide extended hours so that you always have someone to reach out to with us.

More About Sunshine Coast

Conveyancing.com.au Sunshine Coast can help you take the stress out of buying, selling and transfers of property. We are a market leader in the Sunshine Coast Conveyancer network and our team is passionate about helping our clients along the way. We make sure our customers are in the loop and aware of each step of the conveyancing process. When it comes to transferring property, the Conveyancing.com.au Sunshine Coast group ensures that the complex and incredibly intricate process a little bit smoother. Whether this is the first property or you’re building on your expanding portfolio, think Sunshine Coast. Call, email or leave a message on the page today.

Why invest in Sunshine Coast?

With lovely beaches and perfect hinterland towns to the north of Brisbane, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has always been popular among the locals, tourists and investors alike. For anyone seeking a relaxed lifestyle, the Sunshine Coast is without comparison. That’s why we love it so much! With strong efforts being made to diversify the Sunshine Coast’s economy, along with the usual retail, tourism and construction, demand for property on the Sunny Coast continues. Given this continued demand, Conveyancing.com.au is your property solicitor on Sunshine Coast. We are here to help you when next buying or selling.

With an abundance of gorgeous beaches and tourism attractions, Sunshine Coast ranks high on the list of desirable locales in Australia. The area is peri-urban and is the third most populous area in Queensland, thanks to thriving local industry. It attracts over 3.2 million visitors per year thanks to entertainment such as UnderWater World, Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, and annual sports competitions and events, among other offerings.
As part of both the Sunshine Coast Region and the Shire of Noosa, this extraordinary community is an investor’s dream. It’s the ninth most populated area in the country, and its tourism economy receives help from national park attractions and a humid subtropical climate. Kilometres of uninterrupted beaches underline the area’s top attractions. If you are considering conveyancing in Sunshine Coast, Conveyancing.com.au has the tools you need to complete your settlement hassle-free. Attentive assistance and remote processes make it easier than ever to transfer titles without wasting time or resources.
Whether your investment choice is a vacation rental, a full resort property, or any other variation, Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia and poises to deliver a substantial return on investment. When you’re ready to take the next steps in southern or northern Sunshine Coast, Conveyancing.com.au is happy to look after your legal paperwork and help you navigate through the next steps in the transfer process. Contact us today for a free quote on any conveyancing in Sunshine Coast.

What we offer:

VALUE – Conveyancing.com.au Sunshine Coast has lawyers insurance, for your peace of mind. We have meticulous attention to detail, with no claims made against us in our history. Most importantly, we have market-leading turnaround times and the lowest fixed fee for any Sunshine Coast conveyancing firm.

SIMPLICITY – IF you are selling, or buying property, Conveyancing.com.au Brisbane can interact with each of the parties engaged with the property transaction. Our Conveyancing.com.au Sunshine Coast firm will submit, organise and manage all of your legal documents for you, saving you time and effort. We will also prepare and review contracts for you. We always take care to look after your interests are ensuring your expectations are met on each and every deal.

PASSION – When it comes to Sunshine Coast Conveyancing, the real differences are service and quality. We pride ourselves on delivering real solutions for your property. We are driven to leave you satisfied and happy with your service. Our team of experienced property, professionals have years of experience.They know what it takes and will always be in your corner when completing any buying or selling transaction.

Our philosophy is to bring the skill, attention and experience of a big city law firm, without the extreme legal costs. If You want professional Sunshine Coast conveyancing, our team of lawyers is available around the clock right up until settlement. Our property solicitors are committed to explaining the transaction to you and helping you meet the strict compliance obligations in each transaction. Our team are the best team of conveyancers Sunshine Coast wide!
You can contact the Sunshine Coast conveyancing team 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We can do this because of our advanced instant messaging, online communication and reception service. All you need to do is shoot us a question and we’ll be right back in contact with you. With Conveyancing.com.au Sunshine Coast, you’ll never have to wonder what your lawyer is up to, waiting for a call. The Conveyancing.com.au Sunshine Coast team leads the market in reducing turnaround times. You’ll be impressed by our service and surprised by our speed! We are simply the most effective and efficient service in Queensland!

It’s easy!

Do you want to take advantage of the growing Queensland market? The Sunshine Coast is the third largest metropolitan area in Queensland with room to grow. The time to invest in Sunshine Coast conveyancing is now. The opportunity to take your own piece of the SC property market has arrived, are you ready? To ensure that you can capitalise on the growth and investment opportunities, you need a team of talented solicitors on your side. With affordable prices and thorough service, you need Conveyancing.com.au Sunshine Coast! With growing culture, infrastructure and public transport, there’s no better place to invest than Sunshine Coast. It’s time to think about Conveyancing in Brisbane. Looking to buy or sell real estate in Sunshine Coast? Don’t move forward without a conveyancer on your side – talk to the experts at Conveyancing.com.au now.

Our commitment to you. When it comes to conveyancing on the Sunshine Coast, the real differences are service and quality. We pride ourselves on offering you great service at a very competitive price. How do we do this? Our team of experienced property professionals have years of experience. They are the kind of professionals that you want in your corner when completing as significant a transaction as buying or selling a new home.

Your local Conveyancing.com.au office

We’re proud to be based on the Sunshine Coast. Our office is located at Suite 104, 45 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba QLD 4557.

Sunshine Coast Office
Suite 104, 45 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba QLD 4557
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