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Now is a great time to start organising everything else you’ll need before settlement day. We know this is a busy time, to help you out we’ve put together some recommendations below.

  • Moving? Save time and make moving a breeze with Property Helper!

    Free service that does the hard work for you!

    Organise your utility connections, removalists and more, from a wide range of providers

    Your one-stop-shop that takes the heavy lifting out of moving

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  • Check your property’s condition with a Building and Pest Inspection.

    Fast turnaround time and a great price

    Have confidence in your property purchase or sale

    Get a FREE quote now and save $30 off your inspection

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Property search fatigue and how to combat it

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Tools we recommend

Conveyancing Calendar

Get a better understanding of the whole process with our easy-to-use conveyancing calendar.

Conveyancing Checklist

Stay organised as you move towards settlement with our conveyancing checklist.